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Dr Suzy on Gaia TV Pure Life Pura Vida Journey

Dr. Suzy on Gaia TV !

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At Pure Life, we are proud of our reputation for being one of the country's most trusted natural health & wellness lifestyle companies since 1995. Our sincere, back-to-basics philosophy is the cornerstone of our business. 

Over the years, thousands of health conscious individuals across the world have been positively affected by the practical and unbiased wellness information and advice on our website. Our product line has always reflected our commitment to helping others lead healthier, happier, and more energetically balanced lives.

Our founder and president, Dr. Suzy Osborne, is a nationally recognized leader in the early holistic health and fitness movement. Since 1986, Dr. Suzy has dedicated her life to guiding individuals as they make positive, permanent changes in their everyday lifestyles. As a retired Doctor of Chiropractic and active Health and Fitness Educator, Dr. Osborne shares the honest and valuable information that she has compiled over the years via and various other forms of the media.  

Dr. Suzy has appeared frequently as an expert guest on national and international television, including ABC's Newswatch Forum, the Home Shopping Network, and The Wisdom Channel. Her magazine articles in publications such as Chiropractic Wellness and Natural Awakenings have been enjoyed by millions of loyal readers throughout the world. She is the author of the groundbreaking holistic health guidebook, Pure Life: The Pura Vida Journey, as well as the developer of the Zoga method of safe stretching. 

Since its inception, our company has been focused on sharing helpful and practical information that helps others to become healthier, stronger and more energetic.  Our mission is not financially driven.  Instead, it is our passion to help one person at a time by constantly evolving and sharing what we have learned on a global scale.  We welcome your feedback, suggestions and input about our products.