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Mother Nature

​​Grab your feather light Booty Cushion and take it with you everywhere you go.  It's the perfect travel companion!  Use your Booty Cushion in your favorite chair at home, at work, sitting at your computer, in your car, on a plane, or at events that require long periods of sitting.  Great for camping, dining out, waiting rooms, and bleachers.  It's also a unique and very thoughtful gift for a loved one for use in a wheelchair, hospital bed, or recliner. 

Your new Booty Cushion is not a mass manufactured, expensive memory foam or heavy gel cushion manufactured in a factory in China.  It was sewn with love in the United States of America.   The booty cushion is mildew resistant and covered with designer quality materials that hold up well with time and usage and look great in any environment.  

We found that memory foam is okay for sleeping pillows for some people but has a tendency to flatten and bottom out over time when used as a cushion.  Inflatable doughnut rings are great for keeping the tailbone elevated from a chair during a plane ride, but not a comfy everyday solution.  Poly fills and shredded foam separate over time and can get lumpy.  Some cheap foams are made with toxic substances such as  petroleum and are susceptible to mildew.  

The foam padding that our team eventually settled on is a safe, non allergenic, hand washable, air dry foam that won't yellow or disintegrate over time.  Although the foam is mildew resistant and can be used in outdoor environments, we don't really recommend machine washing or drying but rather spot and hand washing and leaving in the sun often.

 As always, we base our current selections and designs on ongoing customer feedback.  We love hearing from you and thank you for helping us help others with your ideas and input.  Some of the stories we hear literally bring tears to your eyes.

Thanks so much for being part of our grass roots movement.  We love our loyal customers.  

Pura Vida !  

The butt shaped cutout allows the coccyx (tailbone) to be elevated while the rounded design pads the butt cheeks and butt bones (ischial tuberosities).

The simple and practical design of the Pure Life Booty Cushion is the first and only of its kind.  The same designer quality and careful attention to detail that our customers have come to depend on in our original Pure Life orthopedic pillows is now available in a comfy seat cushion.

The perfect cushion for preventing and relieving pain due to sitting. The butt shaped cutout allows the tailbone to be elevated while the rounded design pads the butt cheeks and butt bones.

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​​​​​Dr. Suzy has been designing and researching pillows and other ergonomic products based on real life feedback from customers and former patients for more than 20 years.  At, we listen and care.  This isn't just a business for us.  It's an ongoing passionate project that started in the early 90's and has never skipped a beat. 

Like so many of our holistic health products, the inspiration for this project came from a desire to make the life of a loved one more comfortable.  In this case necessity was literally the Mother of invention.

 Not only was this natural design inspired by Mother Nature but it was created to help Dr. Suzy's beautiful and amazing 83 year old mother.  

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The Pure Life Booty Cushion

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Like so many seniors,  Nancy slowly began developing tailbone pain while sitting.  She blames her "pain in the butt" on not having enough meat on her bones (a common complaint with loss of muscle due to aging).  So, the search for the perfect cushion began.