Here are just a few of the articles that Dr. Suzy has written over the years.  More coming soon! ​

Fueling Your Body / Eating For Content / Natural Stress Management Cellulite Reduction / Stay Fit While You Sit

The Original Backnobber is a brilliantly designed deep muscle massage tool designed to get precisely to the point your muscular spasms, tension and pain. Use it in the comfort of your own home to relax tense, knotted muscles when you need it the most.

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​Tapping Your Confidence Reserves / A New Look at Food / Tips for Developing Healthy Posture / Keep Walking / The Truth about Protein

The Changing Tide in Health 

Secrets of Stretching / Getting Stronger Every Day / Tips for Getting in Shape / Preventing Neck, Shoulder, and Lower Back Pain / Why Dieting Does Not Work / Aerobic Exercise and Bodyfat Reduction

The Backnobber