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Pure Life Zoga Pillow Roll - Cozy Camo

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The same quality and careful design that our customers have come to depend on in our original Pure Life orthopedic pillows is now available in a versatile, comfortable roll with 'pigtail stretching handles'.  It is the first pillow that you can use to apply gentle pressure as you safely stretch and extend your neck and lower back. Grab your ZOGA Pillow Roll and take it with you everywhere you go.  It's the perfect travel companion!

neck and back support

Use your ZOGA Pillow roll as a neck or back support pillow while you are sitting, driving, reading, stretching, or watching TV.  Many of our customers tell us that this simple orthopedic pillow has made it possible for them to sleep in any position comfortably through the night for the first time ever!  That's music to our ears.  Nothing makes us happier than knowing our Pure Life products are helping making a difference in the lives and health of our customers.  So easy to roll from side to side or just lay on your back and relax.  Sweet Dreams!


Every single ZOGA pillow is one of a kind, sewn with love, and intended for a special person that will appreciate this unique pillow.  Many of our customers are patients in nursing homes and hospitals.  The stories that we have been hearing over the years from our customers over the years are enough to bring tears to your eyes !   

Your new pillow is not a mass manufactured expensive sleeping pillow.  It's a gentle stretching and decompression tool that can help gradually improve your posture by stretching and supporting the normal lordotic ( C shaped ) curves in the cervical (neck) and lumbar (low back) regions of the spine.


Another unique factor about the ZOGA Pillow Roll is the wide range of adjustment. If you prefer a thinner roll for behind your neck for example, simply move the tie straps closer toward the end. Prefer a thicker pillow, no problem. Move the tie straps closer toward the center.

For sleeping, many customer say that they like to pull the pigtails over their shoulders creating a U shape for a more full size pillow feel. The ZOGA Roll has it all. It is the perfect  pillow for sleeping, sitting or just relaxing in your favorite chair. Adjusts to fit any body shape and pillow size preference.

Machine Washable

The Zoga roll is made with super soft, comfy fabrics and is machine washable and dryable.  See, we listened to your suggestions and requests !


Overall length is about  34". The main pillow section is about 16". The pigtails are about 8" on each end. The thickness is between 3 and 5 inches depending on the position of the tie straps, which simply untie and tie back to tighten up or loosen the pillow roll.

made in the USA

Like all of our products, The Pure Life Zoga Pillow Roll is proudly made in the United States and offered by Pure Life Inc.,  a US owned and operated small online business.  When we first launched in 1995, people weren't familiar with the words Pure Life or Pura Vida but they are now!  Other companies have copied our name and style but we are the original, one of a kind innovators.  Each of our products serve as an integral part of creating your own unique healthy, holistic lifestyle. 

Your pillow is made with the finest fluffy, down alternative, hypoallergenic, cluster type poly fill that we could find, just like the original Pure Life Pillow.  Dr. Suzy has been designing and researching pillows based on real life feedback for more than 20 years.  We listen and care.  This isn't just a business for us.  It's an ongoing passionate project that started in the early 90's and has never stopped.

Thanks so much for being part of our grass roots movement.  We love our loyal customers!  

Pure Life Zoga Pillow Roll - Pink Swirl

Good news!  The Pure Life Pillow product line is back by popular demand!  We currently have a very limited supply of these unique, one of a kind pillows,  so don't wait to get yours or to choose a thoughtful gift for someone special.

The ZOGA Pillow Roll was designed by our company's founder, Dr. Suzy Osborne, in response to real life customer feedback and ongoing holistic health research since 1995. 

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Pure Life Zoga Pillow Roll - Pink Swirl
Pure Life Zoga Pillow Roll - Cozy Camo

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