​"Pure Life:  The Pura Vida Journey"  is a powerful, comprehensive guidebook for creating a healthier, stronger, and more energetically balanced way of life.  Dr. Suzanne Osborne, a dynamic and respected writer and early leader in the holistic health care movement, is the author of this groundbreaking book. ​The book is just the beginning.

Where you go from there is entirely up to you !  

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www.pure-life.com has been a US owned and operated company since 1995. 
Pure Life Zoga Pillows

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chaya - mayan miracle - tree spinach

At Pure Life, we are extremely excited about the latest addition to our online shop.  ​After 20 years of planting and cultivating this amazing plant, we are finally able to share it with the world!  Please join us in helping to further research and spread the word about this healthy and sustainable superfood.

Groundbreaking Recent Research from 2017 !    Check it out.


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The Backnobber is an awesome self care, deep muscle, massage tool designed to get right to the point of your back, neck, or shoulder pain.  The Backnobber can relieve the muscular pain that comes from physical and occupational stress, injuries, and chronic conditions such as arthritis and bursitis. Check out the video here and buy yours today! 

​The most common shipping method that we utilize is UPS Ground. Regardless of the shipping method, your order will be trackable at all times. Tracking numbers are e-mailed to our customers upon request.

The Pure Life Zoga Pillow Roll.

The Pure Life Pillow product line is back by popular demand !  We currently have a very limited supply of these unique, one of a kind pillows. Several fabrics to choose from, more coming soon!

Simple design, practical, affordable.   Check it out.

NEW ! The booty cushion

The perfect cushion for preventing and relieving pain due to sitting.  The simple and practical design of the Pure Life Booty Cushion makes it the first and only of its kind.  The butt shaped cutout allows the coccyx (tailbone) to be elevated while the rounded design pads the butt cheeks and butt bones (ischial tuberosities).

It's the perfect travel companion!  Check it out.